1st Priority Restoration, LLC

Fire/Smoke Damage

Pack Outs

Sometimes due to the extent of damages in your home/business, it may be necessary to relocate your belongings to a climate controlled storage facility until repairs can be made. 

Evaluation and Inventory

A certified technician will thoroughly inspect your belongings and provide a written inventory log of items packed and/or moved to the warehouse.  Items that have been too severely damaged from your loss that cannot be repaired will also be inventoried on a separate sheet that will make it easier to submit those losses to your insurance company.

Damaged items that can be repaired will be taken to a professional restorer who will estimate the cost of the repairs and submit those costs to you and your insurance representative for approval before any repairs are started.

Some things we do not pack or store:


Sundry items

Personal Documents, tax records, legal documents

Flammable items

Yard tools and equipment

Tools & Automotive parts

Cleaning products


Collections such as coins, stamps or other valuable items

Guns & Ammunition


Emergency Pre-Cleaning

Smoke/soot can etch some delicate materials such as aluminum, chrome, glass and porcelain.  Pre-cleaning stops the soot from causing secondary damage and is highly recommended.

Ozone/Air Scrubbing

It may be necessary to ozone or use an air scrubber to remove stubborn odors from some items or the structure itself.  HEPA systems are used in areas where workers or people may be working.

On site cleaning

If the soot is light, it may be possible to clean the structure and contents while still in the home.  A thorough cleaning will be performed in all affected areas to remove the acid gases and residue that soot leaves behind. 

What to do:


Discard any open food packages.  Products could be contaminated

If electrical power is lost, discard items in refrigerators and freezer or move immediately to another location.  Leave doors open or place charcoal or fresh ground coffee inside.

Clothing and linens need to be cleaned by a professional dry cleaner specializing in this type of cleaning.

Change the filter on your furnace is power is still on

Tape cheesecloth or a filter media over return and supply vents to keep system from further damage. 

If outside temperature is above 60, air out the house by opening windows and doors where possible

ALWAYS make a list on anything you discard due to smoke/soot damage, a photo is extremely helpful too!

Immediately remove valuables such as jewelry, guns, money, credit cards & other important documents.

Take pictures and document ANYTHING you discard.

What not to do:

Do not attempt to touch or wash any papered or flat paint walls.  Incorrect cleaning procedures could compound the soot residue and “set” it causing further damage.  Natural oils from your skin can cause additional damage.

Do not attempt to clean carpets or upholstery, this could also cause additional damage from incorrect cleaning procedures.

Do not use any electrical appliance that were close to the source or have become wet before having them inspected by a professional to insure the item is safe for use.

Do not use ceiling fans or lighting fixtures that have been wet, a short could occur.

Do not touch anything!  Soot and oils can penetrate surfaces causing further irrepirable damage.

Do not eat food that has been exposed to smoke/soot

Do not attempt to start your computer, data can be recovered by a professional.

Do not wait to call a professional for help

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